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New County Complex

Capital Improvement Plan

As of May 2007, several phases of the new 55-acre County Complex have been completed.

Phase I

  • Construction and completion of a 6,725 sq. ft. Temporary Housing Unit (jail facility) in September 2004 at a cost of $1,269,525. The purpose of this facility significantly reduces the number of inmates being housed in other facilities due to the limitations of the existing 1914 jail building. This facility will be converted into office space for the Sheriff and law enforcement personnel as well as the Emergency Operations Center upon the completion of the Regional Jail facility.
  • Construction and completion of a 14,577 sq. ft. Social Services Building in January 2005, at a cost of $2,075,081.
  • Construction and completion of a 24,500 sq. ft. Courthouse in January 2006, at a cost of $5,479,956. The facility provides a long-range solution to the space needs of the Circuit Court, General District Court, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court as well as the Clerks of each of these courts, and the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office.

Phase II

  • Construction and completion of the Eastern Shore Regional Jail facility to serve Northampton and Accomack Counties. The core infrastructure services have been designed and constructed to accommodate the full 325-bed correctional facility; however, only the first phase of the housing pods, totaling 145 general confinement beds, has been constructed. The facility opened in July 2007. Total cost is $23,656,826 with an estimated reimbursement from the state of $11,573,614.
  • Construction and completion of a water tower and wastewater system for the County Complex buildings, including the existing County Administration building. This infrastructure was included as part of the regional jail, social services and courthouse capital budgets.

Phase III

Funding has been obtained to complete the final phase of work on the County Complex which includes the following:

  • Conversion and renovation of the Temporary Housing Unit into the Sheriff’s Office and the Emergency Operations Center. This project, which totaled $1,269,525.00, was completed in September 2008.
  • Renovation and expansion of the County Administration building, incorporating the 1899 courthouse and possibly the 1914 jail, into this renovation project. At January 2011, the asbestos, lead paint removal, and geo-thermal well installation portions of this project have been completed as well as the demolition required prior to the actual renovation work. In May 2010, County offices affected by the renovation moved to the former Northampton Middle School building in Machipongo for the year-long renovation project. Actual renovations commenced January 17, 2011. This project has a $4.56 million budget.
  • Construction of a new building near the new courthouse to house Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Services which is currently using space within the Social Services Building. At January 2011, this project, which has a $648,000 budget, is currently underway with anticipated construction to commence February 1, 2011.

The County has actively upgraded its method of collection and disposing of municipal waste. A total of six manner waste collection centers, located in each election district, are being constructed. These centers will allow for the collection of residential trash as well as recycling material, scrap metal, bulky items, waste oil and car batteries. The fifth site at Cheapside opened on January 16, 2011. A site for District Four is still being sought.


County Complex Drawings

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