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How to Schedule an Inspection

Required Inspections

The Building Code states that it is the permit holder's responsibility to schedule inspections when the progress of work reaches a point that an inspection is required.  The Northampton County Building Department requires inspections at these points in a job. 

Note: The building codes allows for additional or special inspections in addition to those required by the code.

·            Footings – After footing has been excavated, any forms and steps constructed, all reinforcement installed and grade pins set, before concrete is poured.  County soils policy requires re-bar in footings.

·            Foundation Walls – Before structure is placed on foundation – after anchor bolts and vents, including any required flood vents, must be set.

·            Slabs – All floor slabs, after sub grade is prepared and reinforcement placed, before slab is poured.  If perimeter insulation is required, it must be in place.  Pipes conduits and ducts placed within or under slabs must be inspected, tested and approved prior to slab inspection.

·            Rough-in plumbing / Gas – All piping shall be tested with air or water and be free of leaks.

·            Rough-in electric – Before concealment – Call (757) 665-6260 to schedule electrical inspections.

·            Framing – After:  rough plumbing, mechanical and electric inspection, masonry – including masonry fire places, all framing, fire stopping are complete – before any framing is concealed.

·            MARRIAGE Wall and Roof Connections - this inspection is required for manufactured homes and industrialized buildings that consist of more than one section.  Connections must match the factory requirements and methods, and must be inspected before they are concealed.

·            Insulation – Before covering insulation.

·            Finals - Electric, Mechanical, Plumbing and Building inspection required for all permits.

Note: The building department reserves the right to require inspections not included on this list if construction methods or conditions warrant. Work may be inspected at any time the permit is valid.


Scheduling Inspections - Follow these steps:

Required Information
The Building Department requires that all inspection requests be accompanied by an applicable permit number.  Permit numbers are unique to each permit, and are the principle way that permits and their associated inspections are tracked.

Please have your permit number available when scheduling an inspection.



Inspections may be scheduled by telephone, fax or email.  However, using electronic methods have not always proven reliable, and we strongly suggest that a telephone call be made to confirm receipt of electronic requests.  All permit requests must include a permit number, and should also include:

-  Name of Person making the request;
-  Contact number of person making the request;
-  What type of inspection is sought;
-  When work will be ready for inspection;
-  Any special directions, such as where to find a key or how to locate the work.

Telephone Number:  (757) 678-0440, ext. 524

Fax #: (757) 678-0483, Attn: Jennifer Sayers


Remember to follow up electronic requests and make sure that the request was received.  If you don't receive your request, then we don't know about it.

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