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Department Responsibilities

The Finance Department works in conjunction with the County Treasurer's Office to insure the financial integrity of the County government's operations. Its responsibilities include financial reporting, budget preparation and monitoring, debt management and financial accounting. The department performs activities such as payroll and accounts payable and reports quarterly to the Board of Supervisors on the County's financial position and budget performance. The department is also responsible for maintaining fixed asset records, grant reporting and preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).


Organization-wide long-term goal - Develop a financial plan to maintain and enhance the community by providing a sound quality of life and a safe living environment for our citizens.

  • Departmental long-term goal - Prepare financial reports that enable the Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator to ascertain the County’s financial position and plan for its future.
    • Departmental short-term goal - Prepare and monitor the annual budget and all project-length budgets for compliance with all laws and regulations.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Prepare CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) in compliance with all laws and regulations.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Continue to improve effectiveness of management reports by fully utilizing the new, automated reporting capabilities of the new financial software that was purchased in FY07.
  • Departmental long-term goal - Ensure fiscal integrity through internal controls that safeguard assets and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Departmental short-term goal - Ensure timely and accurate payment, reconciliation, and reporting of employee wages and related deductions.
    • Departmental short-term goal - Plan and control operating and capital expenditures in a fiscally responsible manner and within adopted County policies and procedures.
    • Departmental short-term goal - Provide continuing education and training for staff in governmental accounting, internal controls, procurement, human resource management and other related topics.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Continue to expand Human Resource services offered to departments by utilizing capabilities of new financial software to track and report leave and improve other areas of reporting related to payroll and human resource management.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Determine and remit the County’s arbitrage rebate liability, if any, associated with the financing proceeds for the ongoing capital improvement plan.

Organization-wide long-term goal - Maintain a reasonable County tax structure by effectively and responsibly balancing the increasing demands for services with available resources to achieve maximum value for our citizens.

    • Departmental short-term goal – Continue to improve the collection of personal property taxes by increasing in-house collection efforts and continued use of the DMV Stop Program, Debt Set Off Program, wage liens and warrants in debt.
Organization-wide long-term goal - Promote the development of an accountable, responsive local government with demonstrated efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Continue to monitor compliance with the County’s procurement policy including the use of purchase orders and encumbrance accounting.
    • Departmental short-term goal – Complete cross-training of all department employees to provide better service during employee absences.

Major Services:

  • Annual Financial Reporting

  • Human Resources

    Job Openings

    To see job openings for Northampton County click here.

    Major Services:

    • Process an accurate and timely payroll for Northampton County employees in accordance with federal/state regulations and county policy.
    • Provide service to county employees to resolve any questions concerning salary, benefits, or deductions and to clarify and/or explain federal & state payroll regulations.
    • Remit all tax withholdings and process all wage & tax reports(941,VEC, W-2's, etc.) required by law.
    • Write and maintain ad-hoc payroll reports for all county departments as needed.
    • Coordination of all employee benefits.
    • Monitor coverage and payments for continued health insurance coverage (COBRA) participants and retired employees.

    The County offers a Flexible Benefits Plan for all full-time employees after their probationary employment period is complete. This program allows employees to pre-tax certain medical and dependent care expenses through payroll deduction. The result is a net savings to the employee of 20-30%. The web site for more info. is

    The IRS web site has many forms available online including W4's for payroll withholding. The link to this web site is

    The Virginia Retirement System's web site has several tools available to its members online including a retirement calculator. The link for the web site is

    Northampton County employees are eligible to join the Virginia Credit Union. Benefits of membership and other information may be found at


    Employee Information

    Employee Forms and Benefit Information


    Accounting - Purchasing


    Major Services:


    • Accounts Payable
    • Process county invoices, travel advances and expenses, in accordance with the County's purchasing, budgetary control and disbursement policies and procedures.
    • Provides guidance to all County departments on how to process payments.
    • Retain, organize and retrieve accounts payable receipts.
    • Reconcile and process all payroll withholdings from payroll system reports to the appropriate general ledger accounts and billing statements.
    • Provide monthly reports to departments and agencies for managerial budget to actual comparisons.
    • Reconcile bank statements
    • Maintain Journal Entries & Budget Transfers
    • Coordinate assistance with Finance Director and Finance Department


    Payment Request Form

    FY 2019 AP Schedule

    Travel Expense Reports

  • Travel Expense Report
  • Milage Form

  • Notice:

    The IRS Modified Mileage Rate is $0.58 Cents per Mile
    The IRS has modified its standard rate for 2019 to be: $0.58 per mile for business miles driven.
    IRS Notice


    Accounts Payable Registers:


    January 2019
    February 2019
    March 2019


    January 2018
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    January 2017
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    January 2016
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    January 2015
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    December 2015


    1st Quarter 2014
    2nd Quarter 2014
    3rd Quarter 2014
    4th Quarter 2014

    Sandra Esposito - Accounting Technician

    Delinquent Personal Property Tax Collections

    Major Services:

    • Implement and maintain programs designed to maximize the County's collection of delinquent personal property tax accounts including:

    Jennifer Simpson - Accounting Technician



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