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Department Information and Goals


The Department of Public Works is responsible for the operations of Solid Waste Services, Facilities Management, Harbors, Boat Ramps and the Utility Operations department of the County. The County is managing the operation and maintenance of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant that was recently constructed as part of the Eastern Shore Regional Jail project. The County will assume operational responsibility the Bayview water & sewage treatment system upon completion of that Community Development Block Grant program. In addition, the County has assumed the operational responsibility for water and wastewater treatment systems of the Middle School.

Click here for the 2015 Consumer Confidence Report for the Northampton County Government Complex water system.

Bayview Report 2015


The County is managing the operation and maintenance of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant, serving the County Complex the wastewater treatment ponds and water system at the Middle School and preparing to assume operational control of the Bayview water & sewage treatment system upon completion of that Community Development Block Grant program. A water/wastewater operator Trainee has been hired to maintain the water and wastewater systems of the Northampton County Government Complex, the Middle School and the Bayview community. The Director of Public Works is currently training the employee in his duties. Utility activities are budgeted in a separate proprietary fund, but supervised by the Director of Public Works.
Operation and maintenance of the new system that serves the Regional Jail Complex will require a substantial operation and maintenance budget this year. Operational costs of operating the County WWTP were high this year, we absorbed some costs for the operation of the Bayview systems and the additional O&M costs for the take over of the Middle School water and sewer systems. Currently we have an informal mutual assistance agreement with Cape Charles Wastewater Treatment Plant. They are performing some basic laboratory analysis and the Director of Public Works is providing operational assistance to them and the water treatment plant.

The Bayview Community water system was placed into operation in 2003. A limited amount of maintenance was performed on the water system up until the end of 2005. After 2005 maintenance was limited to routine sampling for bacteriological contamination and chemical analysis of the source water. The water system still needs a bacteriological sampling plan, a lead and copper survey & sampling plan and backflow survey & monitoring and to develop a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) for distribution to all water customers. This information is according to the Virginia Department of Health / Office of Water Programs. The Bayview wastewater collection and treatment system was placed in service in 2003 at the same time as the water system. According to Artie Miles, the one time PSA representative, there has been no maintenance performed on this system since it was installed. Although the system was well designed the maintenance to “catch-up” will be extensive. At the end of November the contract waterworks operator for Bayview resigned. In December of 2009 the County took over this responsibility. We are now collecting the required monthly bacteriological samples. The Director of Public Works has been working with the Bayview Citizens for Social Justice to insure that the water and wastewater systems remain operational until the County assumes operational control.
At the present time the Bayview water system does not have the State required storage capacity. This item needs to be addressed ASAP. An additional atmospheric water storage tank has recently been installed but has not been approved for service by the VDH Office of Drinking Water. The failing drip irrigation system that serves the “Culls Woods” Apartments has been replaced and is working properly. County Public Utilities Department is monitoring this new system as well as the original wastewater system.
Starting the first of 2009 the Utility Department has assumed the responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater treatment systems at the Middle School. The equipment for these systems are old but have been maintained fairly well. The largest expense has been the increased laboratory analysis as required by the Department of Environmental Quality.


The Facilities Management Department provides maintenance, repairs and minor alterations on all County-owned property, equipment and facilities other than vehicles and property owned by the school system. This department also provides grounds maintenance and custodial services for all county buildings and grounds. This department provides: basic maintenance, repairs and installation of building related mechanical equipment, electrical systems, plumbing, sanitation, and furnishings; maintenance of interiors and exteriors of buildings, parking lots, boat ramps, no-wake signs, fences and similar structures; support of the emergency services department during hurricanes, winter storms and similar events.


The Harbors & Boat Ramps Department is responsible for maintenance at the County-owned harbors and marinas in Northampton. These facilities are: Oyster Harbor, Willis Wharf Harbor, Morley’s Wharf, and Red Bank Boat Ramp (owned by Game & Inland Fisheries; County just provides maintenance). Oyster Harbor has two floating docks and a large parking area to be maintained. Willis Wharf Harbor is the County’s only marina with 50 slips, sanitary facilities and power availability. Morley’s Wharf has a large fishing pier and sanitary facilities. Northampton County has recently constructed an expanded parking area for the floating dock (recreational) side of Oyster Harbor. In addition, the County has constructed a pier, portable toilets and a new well to serve the commercial watermen on the south side of the Harbor. In the summer of 2008 all of the deteriorated pilings were replaced at the commercial dock at Oyster. In October and November of 2009 the floating docks at Oyster Harbor were replaced with new light weight floating docks. In addition the gangways that serve the floating docks were completely rebuilt using County staff and local contractors. All of the funding for the floating dock replacement was provided by a grant from the Virginia Port Authority. With the exception of a few hundred dollars, all of these grant funds have been spent.

The Morley’s Wharf Fishing Pier is open to the public. A saltwater fishing license is not required to fish from the pier. The license fee has been paid by Northampton County.


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