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The Northampton County Department of Social Services’ mission is to provide benefits and services to the citizens of Northampton based on programs established by local, state and federal laws and policy. The department’s focus is to prevent dependency and encourage self-sufficiency; preserve and restore family stability as well as promote and protect the well-being of adult protective services, foster care, employment services, food stamps, temporary assistance to needy families, Medicaid and child care.

The Northampton County Department of Social Services is administered by a board of three members which represents the county. This board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 8:15 a.m. in the Social Services Building.


Our vision is to be the leader in providing innovative social services.


Our actions are guided by:

  • Commitment to the highest standard of services
  • Respect and trust for customers and colleagues
  • Empathy for others
  • Innovation in the provision of services
  • Highest standard of Ethics and Integrity in all we say and do
  • We believe diversity enriches our lives; each person has the right to live and work in a safe and healthy environment, and all people have the ability to achieve their full potential.


Organization-wide long-term goal - Develop a financial plan to maintain and enhance the community by providing a sound quality of life and a safe living environment for our citizens.

Departmental long-term goal - The department is committed to the goal of excellence in delivery of services to individuals, families, and the community by:

  • Preventing dependency
  • Encouraging self-sufficiency
  • Preserving and restoring families
  • Promoting and protecting the well-being of children, the elderly and disabled


Our vision as a staff is to create a collaborative, responsive, professional environment to protect, empower and strengthen families.

In the future the department will continue to:

  • Provide agency-wide customer service
  • Enhance or expand special initiatives and community partners
  • Maintain and enhance efficient information management systems
  • Assure continuous quality improvement
  • Foster social and economic independence
  • Maximize state and federal revenues
  • Protect vulnerable children and adult


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   (Actual)  (Actual)  (Estimated)
Workload:  FY 12  FY 13  FY 14
Number of Food Stamp Participants 4062 4139 4200
Value of Food Stamps 4.22 mil 4.06 mil 4.0 mil
Number of Medicaid Participants   3555 3905 4000
Value of Medicaid & FAMIS 19.76 mil 21.2 mil 25.68 mil
Number of TANF Participants 552 491 500
Value of TANF 304,447 276,000 271,227
Number households receiving energy assistance* 2123 2200 2200
Value of Energy Assistance 550,152 510,000 495,000
Number of Adult Service Cases 107 110 114
Number of Child Protective Services Complaints 68 69 43
Number of Children receiving Child Care Services 127 130 167
Value of Child Care Services 183,000 200,938 228,621
Number served through Employment Services 133 140 140
Number of Adult Protective Service complaints 17 7 12
Number of Auxiliary Grants 16 16 16
*duplicated for heating, crisis and cooling

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