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Solid Waste Program

Northampton County’s solid waste program consists of the following components:

A. Existing System:

Refuse Collection – The County and the Towns of Cape Charles and Exmore provide solid waste collection services. Residents of the other three towns rely on the County’s collection system or private waste collection for disposal of their waste.

Northampton County operates a green box collection system consisting of approximately 5 green box collection sites throughout the County. Sites are located on either County-owned property or are rented or leased from the property owners. If possible, the sites are located beside a commercial establishment. The sites are not staffed.

Each site contains 2 - 8 eight cubic yard front loader type boxes. The County collects from these boxes 3-4 days per week. One front loader truck is used for collection with an older truck kept as a back-up. At times the County has had to contract with a private hauler to collect the waste when the County’s equipment has been down for repairs. Large, roll off containers, suitable for the disposal of bulk items, are located at most of the 5 sites.

The schools are serviced by the same green box system and are collected 3 times per week. The high school and middle school each have three collection boxes. The two elementary schools have two boxes each.

All waste collected by the County is brought to the Northampton County Landfill.

A crew from the landfill is sent around the system weekly to patrol for litter and to clean up the spilled and scattered debris which collects at the sites. This crew also collects any items that are left at the site that are too large to fit into the collection boxes.

Brush is collected at the landfill and kept separate from the other debris. Periodically, the County burns the brush.

Metal is collected at the landfill for recycling by a local scrap metal dealer.

Commercial waste is collected by private haulers. All commercially collected waste must be taken to Accomack County.

At this time, the County has embarked on a program to consolidate the greenbox sites into 6 convenience centers consisting of a stationary compactor and open top boxes for bulk items. The two towns provide door to door collection. Cape Charles provides collection through a private contractor to its households and businesses while Exmore provides public collection to 540 households and 75 businesses.

B. Future System:

The County is planning on constructing six staffed convenience centers spaced throughout the County to serve the citizens’ disposal needs. At this time, the County’s first site, Birdsnest, has been operational since January 2006. Two other sites, Bayview and Wardtown began operation in July and September 2006 respectively. Another two sites are projected for completion in calendar year 2007(Hare Valley and Cheapside). The sixth site is as yet undetermined.

The centers will generally consist of a single stationary compactor with traffic access available to both sides. Open top boxes will also be provided for the collection of bulk items and brush. Recycling bins are in place at the sites as well as facilities for the collection of used oil and batteries.

The current hours of operation are Monday-Saturday: 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. and 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday hours are from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Staffing for the sites is provided by County personnel.

Refuse Disposal – Northampton County operates an unlined HB 1205 landfill under Permit 507 which is estimated to have less than one year of life remaining in it. This landfill carried a required closure date of December 31, 2012 based on the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ) risk assessment but does not have sufficient capacity to remain open that long. The landfill is located approximately 2.5 miles east northeast of Cheriton, Virginia, and three-quarters of a mile north of Oyster, Virginia. All wastes entering this site regardless of the ultimate handling are weighed and recorded. Northampton charges $51.00 per ton for disposal of solid waste.

The disposal units operating under Permit 002 and Permit 213 have been capped and closed. The existing landfill, operating under Permit No. 507, was constructed over an existing waste disposal area. The existing waste disposal area, consisting of approximately 12 acres, was covered with a 30-mil HDPE membrane system and protective cover soil prior to the placement of waste. A leachate collection system was included as a part of the construction of the liner system. A landfill gas venting system was installed prior to the placement of the flexible membrane liner in order to prevent the accumulation of landfill gas beneath the membrane liner system. Even though the present active facility is lined, it does not meet the requirements of Subtitle D and therefore is operating under a HB 1205. The landfill has scales which were installed in 1988. Groundwater and gas monitoring are in place.

Recycling – At the landfill site, the County collects batteries, tires, glass, used motor oil, white goods, and properly processed, plastic, pesticide containers for recycling.

Recycling services are also offered at the County’s waste collection centers through a single-stream contract with Tidewater Fibre Corporation. “Single-stream” means that all acceptable recyclables are collected together in the same container and then separated at the final disposal site. Plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and metal are acceptable products.


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