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Welcome Candidates

Elections will be held on November 3, 2015 for the following local offices: Board of Supervisors Districts 4 and 5; School Board Districts 4 and 5 and one At Large position; Commissioner of Revenue; Commonwealth’s Attorney; Sheriff; Treasurer; Clerk of Circuit Court; and both Directors on the Soil and Water Conservation Director Eastern Shore District.

The Road to Getting on the Ballot

The forms below must be filed in order for a candidate to be placed on the ballot. Be sure to read the directions before filling out the forms. You can download the forms here, or go to the Department of Elections website,, and download them. If you are not familiar with the candidate process or the forms, please contact our office, or better yet, stop by and have your questions answered. While we will be happy to help, the candidate is solely responsible for filling out the forms correctly, accurately and in a timely fashion. Please note that everything filed for your campaign, except social security numbers, is available for public inspection THE DEADLINE FOR FILING ALL CANDIDATE FORMS COMPLETELY AND CORRECTLY IN THE VOTER REGISTRATION OFFICE IS JUNE 9, 2015, AT 7 PM.

Start by reading the Department of Elections’ very helpful guide Candidacy Requirements for Local Offices

Click on the form for a printable pdf, or stop by our office for a copy.

Declaration of Candidacy
Certificate of Candidate Qualification
Petition of Qualified Voters
Statement of Economic Interests (If you have already filed one for 2015, you do not need to file another.)

Campaign Finance:

First read The Department of Elections’ very helpful guide Summary of Laws and Policies Candidate Campaign Committees

Candidate Finance Report
Statement of Organization

Helpful Hints

• Read all the directions and the two guides from the Department of Elections. If you are not sure about something, please contact us. Again, the candidate is responsible for knowing and following all the rules, but we can help.
• Start by filling out the Declaration of Candidacy. You may then begin the petition process.
• You do not need to file all the paperwork together, but you must file the Declaration of Candidacy to get started.
• The petition process can seem daunting, but knowing the rules can save you time and effort. All local offices, except Soil and Water Conservation, need 125 signatures. Soil and water Conservation candidate need only 25 signatures. If you have never circulated petitions, please contact us or stop by our office.
• Campaign finance can also seem difficult, but for local candidates it can be quite simple, especially if you do not plan to accept campaign contributions. Again contact us or stop by for help.
• By law, it is our duty to be very picky and demand that things be filled out just so. There are some things we are simply not allowed to do, such as changing signed forms, filling out certain forms and helping calculate campaign finances. We are not trying to make the process any more difficult for you. Every candidate is held to this same standard.

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