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Easter Egg Hunt 2022 flyer

Northampton County Sheriff's Office and Northampton County Parks and Recreation
Unite to Host An Easter Egg Hunt
Free Event
Saturday April 16, 20222
2 PM - 5PM
Indiantown Park, Eastville, VA

Hunt Age Groups
Ages PreK- 6
Ages 7-12
Ages 13-16

Golden Egg 2 per age group
2 Baskets with Kindles
2 Bicycles
2 $100 Walmart Gift Cards

Games & Food
Bunny Sack Race
Egg on Spoon Relay
Pic Booth
Face Painting
Kick Ball

Hop on in and enjoy the afternoon!

Department Staff Information

David L. Doughty, Jr.
Northampton County Sheriff

Northampton County Sheriff
5211 The Hornes
Eastville, VA 23347

Office 757-678-0460
Dispatch 757-678-0458
Fax 757-678-0494

[email protected]