Comprehensive Plan

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Comprehensive Plan Progress Reports

Upcoming Public Meetings

Staff Information

Susan McGhee

757-678-0443 ext. 541

David Dameron
Zoning Administrator

757-678-0443 ext. 545

John Outten
Building Official

757-678-0445 ext. 525

Kelley Lewis Parks
Planner/GIS Specialist

757-678-0443 ext. 546

Tom Rippon
Code Compliance and Building Inspector

757-678-0445 ext. 526

Beth Nunnally
Development Inspector

757-678-0443 ext. 542 

Jennifer Sayers
Permit Technician

757-678-0445 ext. 543

Office Coordinator

757-678-0443 ext. 524


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PO Box 538
16404 Courthouse Road
Eastville, VA 23347

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