Comprehensive Plan Updates

Berkley Group Gives Presentation on Draft Summary of Comp Plan Vision
Posted on 01/29/2020

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Eastville, VA-
On Tuesday January 28, 2020, Darren Coffey and Kelly Davis of The Berkley Group gave a presentation on a Comprehensive Plan draft of the visions and goals for Northampton County to a joint session of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission. The framework is based on County wide community outreach.

At the first meeting, 109 citizens participated at various locations throughout the County. Attendees were asked to break out into small groups to identify strengths, challenges, and what the county’s vision should be. A second workshop was held in November where 60 participants gave input “which was focused on gathering community input regarding open space, traffic, economic development, and other land use related issues.” In addition, 900 people took an online survey to gather input about community needs, strengths, concerns, and desires. 

The Comprehensive Plan Process

“In September 2019, Northampton County began the process of reviewing and updating its Comprehensive Plan. Northampton County is committed to ensuring that the Comprehensive Plan update reflects the community’s desired path for the future. As such, the Comprehensive Plan is being updated through a citizen-focused, collaborative community outreach process between residents, businesses, elected and appointed officials, and County staff. This document summarizes the results of the community outreach efforts, which will serve as the backbone for 2020 Comprehensive Plan.”

One aspect of the process that stood out for the consultants and Board members is how much people in the community are focused on the County as a whole.

As Chairman Oliver Bennett pointed out, “It’s interesting to see that others have concerns about other groups in the County other than just themselves.”

Darren Coffey agreed, “Everyone we talked to whether it was developers, realtors, environmentalists, farmers, watermen, there was a common thread in a lot of our conversations where everybody was thinking about the Shore.”

Kelly Davis observed, “There is a strong sense of community here.”

Strengths and Improvements

“Northampton residents chose rural character and open space as the best thing about living here. Following this, sense of community and clean air and water were the next two most frequently selected options.”

Top of the list for improvement of the County is the public schools and education opportunities and encouraging economic development and job growth.

To see the entire documents please visit the Comprehensive Plan page or the links below:

Northampton County Comprehensive Plan Draft Goals and Key Observations

Northampton County Comprehensive Plan Community Outreach Summary

The Berkley Group will continue to gather input and work towards a final draft by the end of this year.

For notifications about upcoming public meetings, minutes and progress of the comprehensive plan process, please consider subscribing to the document container on the Comprehensive Plan page. You will be alerted to any new documents or changes to documents through email.

The next public meeting for the Comprehensive Plan will be in March 24, 2020 at 5 PM in the Board Chambers.