Electric Car Charging Survey

Electric Car Charging Station Survey
Posted on 06/10/2020
Electric Car Charging Station Survey

Electric Car Charging Station

An increasingly large number of electric cars are being driven as an alternative to gasoline powered cars. It is estimated that within five years up to one quarter of the new car market will be all electric vehicles. This will become an increasingly attractive and important portion of the traveling and tourism sector. In order to tap into this market it will be necessary to provide an adequate number of charging stations at lodging facilities, restaurants, and other places of business. Northampton County Economic Development is exploring the possibility to provide financial incentives to encourage these installations. They are also trying to establish partnerships with other agencies and companies to further assist the deployment of charging stations at locations throughout the County.

The County is working with the Northampton County Chamber of Commerce to conduct a very short survey to measure the level of interest businesses may have in providing this service. The results of this will guide them in developing a plan to facilitate this project. Thank you for your assistance in this effort.

There will be several ways to provide feedback to this survey including using the survey button, responding directly to this email and using the prompts below, or calling the Chamber at 757-678-0010.

Take the Survey Online

1. Have you had current or prospective customers inquire as to the availability of electric charging stations?

2. Have you been contacted by any private companies [Chargepoint, PlugShare, etc] about potentially installing a charging station?

3. Would you be interested in participating in a program that provides financial incentives to install an electric charging station at your location?

4. Comments or Questions