Appreciation for Board of Supervisors

Appreciation for BOS Members Murray and Duer
Posted on 12/12/2019

Historic Court Green Eastville
Historic Court Green in Eastville, VA

Outgoing Northampton County Board of Supervisors' Chairman Spencer Murray (District 4) and District 5 Board of Supervisor member Robert Duer were thanked for their service to Northampton County at the December 10, 2019 regular board meeting. County Administrator, Charles Kolakowski expressed appreciation on behalf of County staff and residents for the dedication and service these two gentlemen have given to Northampton County.

Chairman Spencer Murray  Robert Duer Outgoing Board of Supervisor members Spencer Murray (District 4)  and Robert Duer (District 5)

Mr. Kolakowski stated, “Mr. Chairman, I’d like to express my appreciation to the Chair and Mr. Duer for their assistance to me since I’ve been here as an administrator. We’ve spent a lot of hours working on a lot of issues facing the County. You have made my job easier and more productive. I’d also like to express the thanks of the County staff for your support to them over the years in their work. I’d also like to thank you for extensive efforts on behalf of the County residents. Being a public official may seem like a thankless job but there are many people here who appreciate you and I thank you on their behalf.”

During the citizen comments, Bill Parr of Seaview also wanted to express his gratitude for the hard work of Chairman Murray and Mr. Duer. He eloquently summed up the viewpoint of many citizens declaring,  “I’m here to say something tonight that perhaps is not said often enough. I say it with great sincerity and respect. What I want to say to you, Mr. Chairman, is a resounding ‘thank you.’ Thank you for your exemplary service. This County has a Board of Supervisors that as a Chairman who has brought a new level of engagement, civility and logic to this chamber. You brought your decades long business experience to our local government. And did what corporations once paid you big bucks to do- mostly without pay."

Parr continued, "You brought business savvy and executive skills to the business of county government, seeking solutions to longstanding and very complex problems. From land use issues to county finances to the need to secure the assets of the Canonie Atlantic Railroad, you succeeded in making a positive difference. To say that it was a job well done is simply inadequate...You tirelessly represented your constituents with great dignity. And you’ve invested yourself in our community in a way that will benefit us now and in future generations. Your leadership and skill have set a high bar for those who will follow you.

For my part as a citizen of the County I want to say thank you for what you’ve done to improve our county government and through it our community. It is my sincere belief that you are leaving Northampton County’s local government and our County is far better than the condition you found it. There is still much to be done but I believe you leave us well prepared for the challenges ahead. Thank you for your service to Northampton.”

Both of the sentiments expressed by Mr. Kolakowski and Mr. Parr were followed by applause from the citizens, other Board members and County staff in attendance.

In addition, John Chandler, Director of the Finance Department surprised the Board with a presentation of the Top 13 Financial Accomplishments during Murray and Duer’s 4 year tenure starting in 2015 and going through 2019.

The highlights are:

1. $25m High/Middle School Enhancement Project -$27,210,036 bond issuance

2. Undesignated Fund Balance has grown by $3,499,940 (43.8%) to $11,495,155

3. Unemployment rates for Northampton have dropped from an average annualized rate of 6.1% in 2015 to 5.4% for 2018. October 2019 unemployment rate is 3.2%

4. Median Household income has grown from $34,501 in 2010 to $41,468 in 2018 a 20% increase, outpacing the % change in Virginia (15.8%) & United States (14.8%) and as a % of US has grown from 65.1% in 2015 to 71.9% for 2017

5. Personal Income has grown by $90,315,000 from $488,376,000 in 2014 to $578,691,000 in 2018 or from per capita $40,546 to $49,313, 21.6% growth

6. General Fund Revenue has grown from $24.7m to $28.8m, $4.1m or 16.7%

7. Personal Property tax collection has increased from 85.47% in FY15 to 91.57% in FY19, while Real Estate collection has grown from 96.28% to 97.20%

8. Maintained an equalized tax rate of $.83 / $1,000 of assessed value

9. General Property tax revenue has grown by $2.3m or 13.9% from $16.7m to $19m

10. Real Estate tax revenue has increased by $1.5m or 10.6%

11. Sales Tax revenue has grown from $1,091,493 in FY15 to $1,347,760 in FY19 or $256,266, a 23.5% increase

12. Transient Occupancy tax revenue has grown from $258,782 in FY15 to $468,790 in FY19 or 81.2% growth

13. Farm Machinery tax reduced from $1.43 to $1.20, a 16.08% reduction

For the details of the full report please read: BOS Top 13 Financial Accomplishments 2015-2019.

Orientation for the newly elected Board members, Dixon Leatherbury (District 4) and Betsy Mapp (District 5) will be held next week. The work session that was scheduled for December 24, 2019 has been cancelled due to the Christmas Eve holiday. The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2020 at 5 PM in 2nd Floor Board Room located at 16404 Courthouse Road in Eastville, VA.
Please see the Public Meetings page for agendas and minutes and a calendar of other public meetings held in Northampton County throughout the year.