Voting Information for Presidential Election

Northampton Voters Guide to Nov 3 Election
Posted on 09/17/2020





Virginia now has early voting starting 45 days before the election. No excuse is needed to vote absentee in person or with a mailed ballot. 


Early in-person voting begins on September 18 in our office in the county complex in Eastville. Voting will be available Monday through Friday from 9-5.



Voters who wish to vote absentee by mail will need to send in an application to receive their ballot. You can apply online at:
You can also request an application by phone or fill one out at our office. 

Voters, we are still not certain what Covid-19 restrictions will, or will not be, in place for the November Presidential Election. Polling places may still be allowing only one voter in at a time as in the May and June elections. Please consider your best option and plan accordingly. 


September 18—In person absentee voting begins
October 13—Last day to register or update information
October 23—Last day to request a mailed ballot
October 24 & 31—Office open on Saturday 9-5
October 31—Last day to vote in person absentee

Request an absentee ballot:

Email us:
Call us: 678-0480



Going to the polls on November 3, 2020 to vote in the Presidential Election? Find out where to vote on the Where do I Vote? page.
First look at the District Map to determine your voting district. Then look up your Polling Place. Still need help? Call the Voter Registration office at 757-678-0480. 

In Person Absentee Voting



In-person absentee voting will be a little different this year due to new legislation and our continuing efforts vote safely during Covid-19 restrictions. 

The new legislation allows voters to vote in person before the election without having to have a reason or excuse. So, voters will not have to fill out an application to vote in person, as was done in the past. Voters will now simply show their ID at the check in desk and then vote. New legislation has also ended the requirement to have a photo ID to vote. Your best bet is still a Virginia drivers license, which is valid even if expired. The voter ID list below details your other options.  
Voter ID List (PDF)

Covid-19 restrictions are still in effect for the Northampton County Administration Building, so a mask is required to enter the building to vote. If you do not have a mask on, or if you are not wearing it properly, you will vote outside. This is not up for debate. On the porch leading to the voting entrance, you will see markers for social distancing. Your cooperation with these Covid-19 restrictions will help us run a more orderly election and keep the line moving. 



  • Enter the building using the walk way that leads to the porch facing the Eastville Inn. There will be signs to help you.
  • Wear a mask and bring a valid ID.
  • We are still offering curbside voting. Please have your helper come into our office and show us your ID, and we will bring the ballot to you in the car.
  • Please review the referendums before entering the office to vote. We are sworn to be impartial 
    and cannot help you figure them out.
  • Likewise, any political speech or campaigning is prohibited in the office. You may wear campaign gear, but you cannot advocate for a candidate or party in the office.
  • Don't bring your dog or other pet.
  • Please respect your fellow voters so we can all have an enjoyable time voting.





NOTE TO CANDIDATES AND CAMPAIGNS: You may use these sample ballots to create your own sample ballot. Please do the following to comply with Virginia Election Law: 

1)Remove the Electoral Board's authorization from the bottom of the ballot and replace it with your campaign's authorization. For example, "This sample ballot is authorized by the Jane Doe for Town Council campaign committee." 
2) You may print sample ballots on any color paper except white, and your ballot must must clearly state "SAMPLE BALLOT" on it.
If you have any questions, please call the office, and we will happily assist you.

Countywide Ballot  

Eastville Town Ballot 

Cheriton Town Ballot 

Nassawadox Town Ballot 

Presidential Only Ballot 

Federal Only Ballot 


Want to learn more about what will be on the ballot? Visit our, "What's On My Ballot?" page. 

Terrence P. Flynn
General Registrar

Liz Smith
Assistant Registrar

Voter Registration
16404 Courthouse Rd
PO Box 510
Eastville VA 23347

Phone: 757-678-0480
Fax: 757-678-0453

See more at: Voter Registration and Elections

Northampton Voters,

We are beginning to see a trend: People have requested absentee ballots to be mailed to them, but come in to vote in person anyway. Please do not do this. If you have requested an absentee ballot through the mail, please vote that ballot and mail it in. If you have misgivings about mail service, then you may drop off your voted ballot, sealed in envelope B,  at our office during regular office hours, 9-5 Monday through Friday. Dropping off your voted ballot is every bit as secure as voting in person. Your ballot will be counted. 

If we mailed you a ballot, you may not vote in person unless you bring the ballot with you.