Zoning Applications and Checklists

Northampton County Mapping Site 

Note: Once you are on the map, look for "2016 Amended Zoning" under the map layers on the left hand side of the page. Make sure the box next to it is checked.

Northampton County Code of Ordinances links to American Legal website. The Zoning Ordinance for Northampton County is under Chapter 154.2 Zoning Code and Subdivision Ordinance is Chapter 156. Subdivision Code. 

A Zoning Clearance is required by Northampton County to ensure that a proposed structure or land use meets all applicable requirements of the county's zoning ordinance. A Zoning Clearance is required before any proposed project or changes to the use of land occur, including any construction activity requiring building permit.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact Zoning prior to submitting an application. After discussing your project and the applicable development standards that will apply to your project, we will be happy to assist you with the application process. Early communication will help expedite the permit process.



Planning and Zoning Fees

Please confirm fees with the permit technician. 

Planning & Zoning Fees 


Application Materials

Application packets are available online or by contacting the Zoning Permit Technician via email or at the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department. Included with the packets is a checklist of the information that must be submitted for a complete application.

Zoning Map Amendment

A Zoning Map Amendment is a procedure to amend the official zoning map of the county by changing the boundaries of any zoning district. A petition and an application packet is available online, via email by contacting the Zoning Permit Technician or at the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department. A fee is required and public hearings are required. 


Variances are a relaxation of the terms of the zoning ordinance for height, area and size of yards and open space based on demonstration of a hardship and made on a case-specific basis. The variance request is heard by Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) at the public hearing. The application packet and fee schedule are available online, via email by contacting the Zoning Permit Technician or at the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department.  

Special Use

Special Use Permits are required for proposed activities which appear as an S or M/S on the schedule of uses in the zoning ordinances. The application packet is available online, via email by contacting the Zoning Permit Technician or at the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department.  The Northampton County Board of Supervisors may approve a Special Use Permit with or without conditions, following public hearings as required by Virginia law.

Land Disturbance

All land areas in Northampton County are either Resource Protection Area (RPA) or Resource Management Area (RMA). As such, any proposed development or redevelopment activity that is 2500 square feet or greater must submit a Land Disturbance Permit (POD) or Engineered Site Plan (ESP) application. A water quality impact assessment (WQIA) is required for any proposed encroachment into the RPA. Disturbance less than 2500 square feet must apply for a zoning clearance unless the proposed development is an exempt use. 

Administrative Waiver:
The Zoning Administrator may be able to grant a Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act administrative waiver under certain restrictions per Zoning Code 154.2.163 (I)(8). If the waiver is denied, the applicant can file a buffer  exception to the Board of Zoning Appeals on forms provided by the Planning, Permitting and Enforcement Department. 


Staff Information

Susan McGhee

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Zoning Administrator


John Outten
Building Official

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Planner/Community Redevelopment Specialist

Rodney Braxton
Development Inspector

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Building Inspector

Forest Flynn
Code Compliance Inspector 

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Environmental Outreach & Floodplain Manager

Jennifer Sayers 
Building Permit Technician

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Carolyn Duffy
Zoning Permit Technician

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Olivia Bennett
Administrative Clerk 

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