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Gordon Campbell/ At Altitude

Gordon Campbell
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Flying low and slow above America's coastline is where aerial landscape photographer Gordon Campbell feels at home.

With only the sound of the engine pushing his light aircraft through the still air at speeds not much faster than a world class sprinter, Gordon Campbell captures the vibrancy, texture, dimension and fragility of our coastline in extreme detail.

Over the past 10 years he has covered much of the eastern coastline of the United States with an emphasis on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, nearby barrier island system and Chesapeake Bay.

Gordon lives in Cape Charles, Virginia with his wife Christine and daughters Charlotte and Clara. He owns and operates out of Campbell Field Airport (9VG) in Weirwood, Virginia during the summer season.

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Gordon's top FAQ's:

Tell me about the aircraft?
My current aircraft is called a Dragonfly. Designed by Bobby Bailey in Australia the aircraft was built and certified by Pitman Aero in California. It was designed primarily to tow hang gliders and has excellent slow flight characteristics. The aircraft is certified by the FAA in the Light Sport Category and is equipped with a ballistic parachute.

How long have you been flying?
I received my private pilot's license in 1994.

How long have you been taking photos?
I started taking photos in 1979 with a Canon A-1. I then moved on to the Canon F-1 in 1981. I purchased my first digital camera, a point and shoot capable of 4mp resolution, in 2003. I started shooting aerial images in 2004 with my first non Canon camera, a 9mp Fuji camera, but quickly returned to Canon with the 5DMarkII and Mark III and now the 5DSR. I have tried other camera systems but have found Canon to perform best in the fast moving aerial environment.

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Hélène Doughty / Seaside Boheme Studio

Hélène Doughty has resided in Northampton County since 1989, enjoying its exquisite, pristine landscapes, lost back roads, expansive, tranquil fields and forests, peaceful shorelines and quaint town harbors. A native of Paris, France, Hélène was introduced to the Eastern Shore as an exchange student of Northampton High School where she met her husband, Hog Island descendant and steel sculptor, Buck Doughty.

Since acquiring her very own film camera for her first trip to the United States, she has had great interest in capturing memories of friends and family, events and places. Over the years, Hélène has developed into an avid hobby photographer, roaming the shorelines, woods and backroads of the Eastern Shore. She developed an interest in moody landscapes, art and macro photography but her 25+ years careers in agriculture and as a research specialist in entomology has led her to photograph many field, insects and farming scenes as well.

Hélène created Seaside Bohème Studio to share her love of photography and art, and fill the void of her missed vocation. Seaside Bohème Studio offers art photography, portraiture, events and designs upon request, online and through art shows.
 Hélène can be contacted by email at [email protected] or call at (757) 999-0780.  
Seaside Boheme Facebook page  

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William Dyas

William Dyas
Photo Credit: William Dyas

Bill Dyas grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and after careers in the Army, Civil Service, and private sector, he returned to Virginia and settled in Machipongo. 

As an interpreter, educator and community volunteer, Bill spends most days and many evenings helping others to develop tangible connections with natural, historical, and cultural resources of the Old Dominion. 

 You can follow Bill’s adventures on Instagram @pops_dyas or on Facebook @The REAL World of Ranger Bill. 

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Derek Williams


Derek Williams is a longtime photography enthusiast who has settled down with his girlfriend of many years, Laura, their two cats, Brillo and Mr. Chubbs and their dog Xena. When he’s not at home spending time with the people and animals he loves, you can find Derek out in nature capturing its beauty with his camera or drone.

You can find more of Derek’s most excellent photography on the Photo Gallery page or on his Instagram page @derek0690.

Richard Wiseman 

Richard Wiseman

Richard Wiseman is a retired Bank and Data Processing Consultant who has settled with his wife Pat on the Eastern Shore after living in the Rocky Mountain States. He is pursuing a life long interest in photography and has started a second career specializing in digital photography. He has taken over 12,000 digital pictures since re-locating on the Eastern Shore and will use those photos as a portfolio for art prints and commercial brochures for Eastern Shore businesses. He is also available for candid outdoor portraits. He will be doing business as Eastern Shore PhotoArts, LLC.

Richard Wiseman
Eastern Shore PhotoArts, LLC
112 Churchill Downs
Cape Charles, VA 23310
757-331-1881 [email protected]

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Ron Wrucke @ Eastern Shore Imaging 

Ron Wrucke

Artist Statement:
I grew up with an Argus C3, a 'brick' of a camera, but it was a quite capable 35mm rangefinder for the beginning photographer. In High School, I graduated to a Zeiss Ikon Contessa, a wonderful little rangefinder that was bought 2nd-hand. These two cameras gave me an early education in f-stops, shutter speeds, and the relationship between the two that was never forgotten. I got away from photography in college (U of Minnesota), and although I always had a camera of some kind, it wasn't a serious hobby by any stretch of the imagination until affordable digital cameras became a reality.

In the early 80's, I bought my first computer (an Apple II) and immediately got hooked on computer graphics, even though all I had at the time was a 9-pin dot matrix B&W printer and Broderbund's Printshop. I putzed around with graphics for about 10 years, and in 1993 I was using a "blazing" 66 Mhz DX2 Gateway, CorelDraw, and my pride and joy - a HP1200c color inkjet. I was in hog-heaven, but most of the graphics' work being done at the time was vector imaging - clip art stuff. In the mid-90's, I started to scan photos and played with the resulting images - nothing serious though ..

.. and then digital cameras became affordable and readily available - for me, computer graphics and digital cameras were a match made in heaven. I jumped on the bandwagon pretty early, and I found a new hobby that I've become immersed in. I'm currently using a Nikon D7200 with a variety of lenses including the Nikkor f/2.8 70-200 VR and the Tamron 150-600mm monster. I've also added a DJI Phanthom 3 Drone to my "toys" .. love it!! I shoot raw, and process the resulting images in Nikon Capture NX2, a very comprehensive software package for editing raw images. Since I've never seen an out-of-camera image that couldn't be improved (at least to my eye), I usually end up doing additional processing to my pictures in Photoshop as well.

My wife, Sherry, and I both retired in June 2006. She taught Kindergarten and 1st Grade in Middletown on the Jersey Shore for 30 years, while I rode the Jersey Coast train into Manhattan where I was a consulting engineer. We've retired to the perfect place. Besides photography, my other hobbies include golf and fishing ... where better than Bay Creek on the Eastern Shore of Virginia to pursue these retirement dreams ..

Ron Wrucke
[email protected] 

For more wonderful photos of the Eastern Shore, please visit his website, Eastern Shore Imaging.

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