Free Things To See and Do in Northampton County



Northampton County has much to offer in the way of our beautiful, natural resources, our southern hospitality charm and the boundless opportunities to learn, grow, work, volunteer and thrive.

Young families on a tight budget might be looking for wholesome activities for the kids. Teenagers may be in need of some boredom busting fun. Retired folks may be looking for opportunities to socialize and learn about our community. There is something here for every person seeking interesting things to see and do in a variety of activities such as history and continuing education, recreation, arts and culture and free resources. But here’s the best part – there are so many things to fit the bill and they are free! (or nearly free as in some museums and non-profits may ask for a small donation which helps to keep their programs going but it’s not required.) Some of these "Free Things" have been made possible by our tax dollars! That's why it's important to contribute to community and pay your taxes. And some of these things are free because we have awesome neighbors!

We have put together these resources to point out the many things available to residents and visitors who wish to explore the County. This is an ongoing work in progress and will be added to as there are so many things to share! 

Upcoming Events