Thank You Volunteers

Volunteers are the Heart of Community!

Northampton County is a community of compassionate, helpful, generous folks who take pride in the place we call home.

You may see volunteers cleaning the roads with Waste Watchers Our Clean Roads initiatives or people lending a helping hand during the Clean the Bay Day the first Saturday in June.

Volunteers welcome visitors at the CBBT Welcome Center; teach adult literacy with the Eastern Shore Literacy Council; build houses with Habitat for Humanity; pitch in with programs at Parks and Recreation or the Boys and Girls Club; help voters on Election Day as Officers of Election; rescue animals; and give to the Foodbank from their gardens or through Hunters for the Hungry. They check on neighbors, take care of the elderly, read to kids at the library...The list goes on and on.

If volunteering is the heart of community, then Northampton County has a heart as big as the Bay. Thank you to all of the volunteers who keep paying it forward!

Looking for ways to volunteer? Use the links on the site navigation to find out how you can help.

Clean the Bay Day at Kiptopeke State Park
 A diverse group of children and adults
pitch in on Clean the Bay Day 2018 at Kiptopeke State Park.
Photo Credit: William Dyas

Governer Northam shakes hands with a park ranger at Kiptopeke
Governor Ralph Northam joined other volunteers at Kiptopeke State Park
for Clean the Bay Day 2018.
Photo Credit: William Dyas

Students at KES building an outdoor ampitheater
Students at Kiptopeke Elementary School take pride and ownership
by helping to build an outdoor amphitheater at their school.
Photo Credit: William Dyas