Solid Waste

Waste Collection Centers Hours of Operation:

Monday-Saturday 7:30AM-6:00PM
Sunday: 1:00-6:00PM

Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM-3:30PM

Winter Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-3:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-12:00PM
Winter Hours are effective
November - February each year


Birdsnest: 9005 Birdsnest Drive, Birdsnest, VA 23307

Eastville: 15552 Courthouse Rd. Eastville, VA 23347

Wardtown: 8427 Occohannock Neck Rd., Exmore, VA 23350

Bayview: 22564 Bayview Circle, Cape Charles, VA 23310

Hare Valley: 10195 Hare Valley Dr. Exmore, VA 23350

Cheapside: 26371 Arlington Road, Cape Charles, VA



$72.00 PER TON  TO 
$75.00 PER TON

Recycling PSA

Northampton County Taxpayers!!
Want to save some money???

Quit throwing plastic bags and trash into the recycling stream!
The entire load is rejected when there are plastic bags in the recycling.
It costs taxpayers extra $$ to then throw all those recycling efforts it then becomes trash.
It takes ALL OF US working together to successfully recycle. We love all of your efforts to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! But let's do it correctly and save some money!

Recycle basket

Plastic bags are NOT RECYCLABLE. They should not be put in the green boxes. They cause contamination in the recycling waste stream resulting in the entire volume having to be thrown out.
Do not recycle with plastic bags. Use reusable containers such as a laundry basket to collect recyclables like cans, plastic bottles and paper.


Policies and Guidelines

Northampton County Solid Waste Management Plan

Waste Collection Center Useage Policy

Volume Limits Waiver Form

Northampton County
Solid Waste and Recycling Facilities

As a resident of Northampton County, you have improved, staffed solid waste and recycling facilities for your residential waste. The County has constructed manned solid waste and recycling facilities at several locations where you can easily dispose of your residential garbage.
The advantages don't stop there. Attendants are able to answer your questions and offer help as you dispose of trash. The sites are kept clean and neat which control vermin, blowing debris, and help protect the environment. The sites are secured during off hours to control access and unauthorized waste disposals. Safety is enhanced for the residential user. Northampton County is dedicated to providing residents with a clean, safe environment with its system of staffed solid waste and recycling facilities. Added advantages to this system include:

  • Open Daily
  • Recycling Services
  • Sites with Easy Access to US Route 13
  • Acceptance of Bulk Items
  • Enhanced Security
  • Cleaner, Healthier Sites
  • Environmental Safety

Recycling Facilities

The sites provide recycling facilities that include acceptance of plastic, glass, newspaper and cardboard, and aluminum, steel cans and food & beverage cartons. Waste oil and vehicle batteries are collected.

Recycle these items

Here is what can be recycled: Clean paper, cardboard, junk mail and cereal boxes, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum cans, steel or tin cans.


Recycle plastic

Which plastic can be recycled? Does it have a neck? If the container does not have a “neck”, like a yogurt or margarine container, it is NOT recyclable! Look for codes 1 & 2 on the bottom of the bottle. If it’s anything above a 2 it CAN NOT be recycled!


Glass Recycling clarifier

GLASS IS NOT ACCEPTED IN THE SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING BINS. Please do not put glass into the recycling bins. A separate container for glass is marked and provided for the collection of GLASS ONLY. 

Don't Recycle These Items

Please DO NOT throw these items in the recycling bins.
NO: pizza boxes, aerosol cans, hoses, plants or flower pots, toys, plastic or paper plates, juice boxes or pouches, tires, clear plastic salad containers, yogurt / margarine containers, styrofoam, batteries, plastic bags or yard waste, hazardous materials, automobile products and electronics!




Special Olympics Clothing Bins 


In addition to the recycling green boxes, Northampton County partners with Special Olympics Virginia and offers clothing collection bins at all of our Waste Collection Centers. Please consider donating your gently used shoes and clothing at these specially marked bins. 

Read about what you can donate and how this project is a win-win for the Special Olympics and Northampton County at Make a Donation to the Special Olympics Bins!

"These bins raise valuable support for the Special Olympics Program-helping enrich the lives of kids and adults in our community."
Please visit the Special Olympics Virginia Donation Program for more information.  

Special Olympics Virginia Collection Bins infographic
Please click on the image for a larger view.  

Locations you can donate: 

1. Cheapside 26371 Arlington Road Cape Charles 23310
2. Bayview 22564 Bayview Circle Cape Charles 23310
3. Eastville 15552 Courthouse Road Eastville 23347
4. Birdsnest 9005 Birdsnest Drive Birdsnest 23307
5. Moose Lodge 15315 Merry Cat Lane Belle Haven 23306
6. Hare Valley 10195 Hare Valley Drive Exmore 23350
7. Wardtown 8427 Occohannock Neck Exmore 23350
8. Wash City 399 Charles Lankford Hgwy (Rt 13) Exmore 23550
9. Lighthouse Thrift 18309 NR North Street Keller 23401

Recycle Oyster Shells 

Oyster shell moon
Photo credit: Jean E. Flynn
Bushels of shucked oyster shells pile up under a full moon after an Oyster Roast event at Chatham Vineyards. 


Currently, the ESCSB Oyster Program collects shucked oyster half shells in recycling bins at several locations on the Shore including:

  •  ESCSB’s Behavioral Healthcare Center Parksley
  •  Dunne Substance Abuse and Counseling Center  Parksley
  •  ESCSB Administration Office on Lankford Highway in Tasley
  • ESCSB Developmental Services on Main Street in Exmore 
  • Fabric Outlet on Lankford Highway in Cape Charles
  • Island House in Wachapreague

Tips for dropping off oyster shells at these locations: please separate from trash; keep shells in a porous container to reduce odors; please bring the shells to the nearest recycling bin location; please do not put the shells back in the bay or the ocean.

The oyster restoration program is funded through the sale of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation DMV license plates. These proceeds help support our region’s most celebrated resources. So, remember, when you shuck, don’t chuck.

Find your nearest bin and help rebuild the bay’s oyster reefs. If you have any questions regarding the program, please call ESCSB Developmental Services at 757-442-3933.

Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

Open year round, Saturday 10:00am to 2:00pm.

This new facility will operate out of the Accomack County Painter Convenience Center, 16490 Wayside Drive, Painter, and will serve residents of BOTH Accomack and Northampton County.

Centrally located, this new collection facility will be more accessible than the once-a-year, single day program that has been offered for the last fifteen years. The Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection (HHWC) Facility will accept household hazardous waste – NO commercial waste accepted –  Saturdays from 10:00am until 2:00pm.

The facility is expected to accept the following types of household waste. It is important to dispose of these items appropriately, rather than in the general waste stream, in order to protect our ground and surface water, our fisheries, and human health.

Why participate? – household products containing toxic chemicals like pesticides, solvents, cleaning products, & weed killers can be a threat to people and the environment if improperly discarded. Never throw these materials into the trash as the toxic chemicals may harm sanitation workers, or result in fires in collection vehicles. It is also not safe to pour them into a sink, ditch, or storm drain as they can end up in the environment polluting the air, water, or soil.



Automatic Brake Fluid
Carb Cleaner
Diesel Exhaust Fluid
Grease, Degreasers
Power Steering Fluid
Rust Removers
Transmission Fluids
Windshield Washer

Garden, Yard, & Pool

Pool Chemicals
Weed Killers

Home Repair

Creosote Products (wood sealers, etc.)
Driveway Sealers
Fluorescent Bulbs
– Unbroken
LED bulbs
Smoke Detectors
Wood Preservers

Household Cleaners

Air Fresheners
Drain Opener
Floor Care Products
Metal Cleaner/Polish
Oven Cleaner
Spot Remover
Toilet Cleaner

Paint & Paint Products

Methyl Ethyl Ketone
Mineral Spirits
Paint – NOT Latex
– Oil/Solvent-based
Paint Thinner

Personal Care

Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover


Aerosols (spray cans)
Cooking Oil
Glue (solvent-base)
Inks & Dyes
Mercury Products Moth Balls

NOT Accepted:

Radioactive Materials
Fireworks Compressed Gas Cylinders/Tanks

For more information visit: A-NPDC Household Hazardous Waste


Northampton County Sanitary Landfill
20371 Seaside Rd.
Cape Charles, VA 23310

Transfer Station

Northampton County began operation of its last landfill cell in April 1988. It included a liner, leachate collection and monitoring wells. Beginning in January 1989, the County began operation of its weigh scales, computerized data collection, and tipping fees. Northampton County ceased accepting solid waste for burial on March 31, 2009 with the commencement of the transfer station operation.

Brush continues to be accepted at the landfill and is kept separate from the other debris. Periodically, the County burns the brush. Metal is also collected at the landfill for sale to scrap metal vendors. 


$72.00 PER TON  TO 
$75.00 PER TON

Contact Information

Ronald Rowe 
Director of Solid Waste & Recycling
Phone: 757-331-2699

Northampton County Sanitary Landfill
20371 Seaside Rd.
Cape Charles, VA 23310

Landfill Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 8:00AM-3:30PM

Winter Hours
Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-3:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM-12:00PM
Winter Hours are effective
November - February  each year 


The waste collections sites and the sanitary landfill are closed on the following holidays:

January 1st (New Year's Day)
Last Mon. in May (Memorial Day)
July 4th (Independence Day)
Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)
December 25th (Christmas Day)

Northampton County Administrative Office
16404 Courthouse Rd.
PO Box 66
Eastville, VA 23347
Phone: 757-678-0440
Fax: 757-678-0483